A Quick View of Smart Kitchen Innovations

The kitchen is the favourite place for women in their homes. Ladies spend their most of time in their kitchens. Their most of the house chores are related to kitchens. A revolution can easily see in the kitchens from the past 100 years. The kitchens have evolved themselves at a large scale. It is all due to the modern technology. The modern technology has introduced several innovations in the kitchen. Some of the exciting changes are listed below:


Our ancestors used to cook over coal in the past. Stoves were introduced by the end of 19th century. We are lucky to have electric, gas or fuel stoves nowadays. These stoves have been converted into ovens by the help of latest technologies with increased performance and efficiency.


In the past, we were unable to store food for a long time. However, the blessings of modern technology have enabled us to preserve food for as long as we want to. It has brought the convenience and storage to another level.


The microwave is also a significant innovation to our ordinary kitchens. The design was first patented in 1946. The first model was six feet tall. It weighed 750 pounds. The design has passed through several changes, and now microwave is one of the most widely used kitchen appliances.


The toaster is also an innovative addition to the kitchen. It quickly toasts the bread slices for your breakfast.

kitchen innovations

Bread maker:

Making your bread is not any hard task anymore. All thanks to the innovation of bread maker. Now we can make our bread within few minutes.

Egg Poacher:

Poaching egg was once a difficult task but not anymore. Microwave egg poacher makes it easier than ever. The egg can be poached quickly in the egg poacher.

Pancake printer:

A pancake printer was a remarkable invention. It works like a 3D printer. Printer forms creations out of plastic, but this gadget builds creations out of pancake.

Blenders and mixers:

Blenders and mixers are also a modern invention of kitchen gadgets. These blenders and mixers have eased the life of women.  It blends and mixes different eatables within seconds. Less effort is required.

Pressure cookers:

The pressure cooker has made the food cook quickly. The meat is cooked in less time, and fewer efforts are needed to make food.

Kitchens have evolved themselves in the past. Kitchens have proven their significance over the past 100 years. The evolution of kitchens goes hand in hand with the development of cooking stoves. Ultimately, the inventions of stoves lead to the need of a separate room for cooking food in the kitchen. The stove is a major innovation to cook food, which leads to many more changes in the kitchen. Kitchens in Northampton are fully equipped with the latest innovations. You can also find various kitchen designs innovations as well. All the innovations have made the hard task of cooking food easier for the humankind.

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