Why isn’t Shangrila Resort a Place to be missed?

You may have heard about places that shouldn’t be missed and yes Shangrila Resort in Skardu is also one of those places because its immense beauty is massively mesmerizing. It is true that the northern side of Pakistan is full of amazing views and this is a reason that large numbers of tourists pack their bags every year for different northern areas. However, Skardu has some views that are quite different from Murre, Swat, or Naran side of Pakistan. Well, through this blog, the tourists and all readers can become familiar with the wonderful aspects of visiting Shangrila Resort.

Mesmerizing View!

The view of Shangrila Resort in Skardu is completely different from all other resorts in Pakistan as it is located right near the beautiful Kachura Lake which makes its view mesmerizing. Well, it is not about the lake only as the gigantic snow-capped mountains, amazing large trees, and lush greenery are true reasons that push the tourists not skipping this place. People travel thousands of miles to spend some peaceful holidays at this place. Well, for your information, the resort was built in 1983 by a late Brig Muhammad Aslam Khan. So, it gives a bit historic view as well.

Boating in the Kachura Lake!

As Kachura lake is near the resort so you can definitely enjoy a wonderful boating experience in that lake. It is not about the beauty of water only but when a lake is surrounded by tall trees with yellow and green leaves, snow-capped mountains, and greenery, it automatically becomes irresistible for boating. The people of Skardu are also quite courteous so you will feel good by meeting different people.

Not Very Costly!

For visiting Skardu, you won’t have to go out of the budget that you already have set for other areas of the northern side. There are travel companies that facilitate tourists and so large groups of tourists choose these companies for a great adventure. The companies basically provide travelling, hotel, food, and travel guide services within the package introduced by them. So, the cost can be saved by choosing to go with a group of tourists rather going on your own vehicle that can prove dangerous and costly as well.

Aren’t the above facts interesting? So, next time when you plan a wonderful trip, make sure to mark the Shangrila Resort on a priority basis.

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