4 Reasons why Skardu is Favourite for Tourists!

There is no doubt that natural beauty has its own wonderful attraction that appeals to everyone. You may have visited the northern side of Pakistan but did you ever go to Skardu? Well, there are unlimited reasons that make this place one of the main attractions for not only adventure lovers but for everyone who loves nature. The second highest mountain peak on earth is also located in Skardu which appeals climbers from all over the world who wish to reach the peak of K2 as it is known as the paradise of climbers. Well, here in this blog, incredible reasons are discussed that make Skardu one of the favourite attractions for tourists. So, let’s dig a bit to know the facts.

  1. Deosai National Park

You may have heard about Deosai national park as it is famous for its unbelievable beauty. Here, you can get the opportunity to see several unique species of animals and birds in the park meanwhile the lush green grass is surrounded by snow-capped mountains which also add a mesmerizing view to the place. The Himalayan brown bear, snow cock, red fox, golden eagle, and snow leopards grab the attention of tourists. The streams also give a breath-taking view so make sure to mark this park in your list.

  1. Cold Dessert

Do you love sand dunes? Well, Skardu in Pakistan is famous for cold dessert with high altitude. The magnetic beauty of the dessert is undoubtedly amazing and leaves the tourists spellbound. Katpana dessert and Shigar dessert are located near the Indus River and give an unbelievable view.

  1. Shangrila Resort

The fascinating sceneries of Shangrila Resort are not less than a blessing. You may only have read about fairy tales but when a person gets the chance to visit the beautiful Skardu in Pakistan, the beauty of Shangrila Resort seems like a fairy place in reality. One must not miss this place because such peace is not possible to enjoy in other places. Here, you won’t see a huge crowd and that is why all scenes of this amazing place can be enjoyed. The breath-taking view of Shangrila actually freshens up the soul so most of the time people who go through depression recommended by doctors to visit this place.

  1. Satpara Lake

All lakes in Skardu give a different yet mesmerizing view. Satpara Lake is also one of them as its bright blue water is unbelievably attractive whereas the mountains in the surrounding also make it a place that shouldn’t be missed. Well if you want to feel the beauty in more depth then it will be great if you hire a boat for spending some amazing time there. However, there are multiple other reasons too that will be discussed in the next blog.


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